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Through the Bible with Paul Pavao

Why do I dare to teach through the Bible when so many others have done so before me? I feel a burden to answer that question. Why not leave that job to people like J. Vernon McGhee, whose "Through the Bible" has been running steadily on the radio for decades? Why not leave it to the greats like Matthew Henry and the more contemporary N.T. Wright?

My answer is that I write for a different audience than all of them. I write for those who are tired of Protestant tradition—their dance around the Scriptures, their explaining away, their excuses, and their "difficult" verses—but who cannot to go back to Catholicism or Orthodoxy for various reasons, usually having to do with images, icons, and all the trappings of their priesthood.

I write for those who want to know the truth as it is in Christ, to believe the Scriptures as they are written—not as they are conformed to tradition and made palatable to worldly Christians—and who want to find their way into fellowship with other radical Jesus-followers.

Between these commentaries and my articles, you can make your own determination whether I am able to put the Scriptures together so they make sense without difficult verses and awkward explanations.

With that claim, let me add that I do not in any way think that I have plumbed the depths of Scripture and found all that is to be found there. Of course I have not, and there are surface and deep truths that I will never see nor write about no matter how spiritual I might become. You will always be able to find more in that wonderful, infinite mine of truth that is the Word of God, and there will always be need of others to help both you and me plumb the depths of God's holy Word.

I have just begun, but I will be linking all my blog commentaries. I got through about half the Bible in 2012. I had a lot of time then because I was receiving a bone marrow transplant, and there was a lot of recovery afterward. The new "Through the Bible" series on my blog will go much slower. Hopefully between the two series, I can get the whole Bible.

Where To Go from Here

I recommend going to Articles, which are separated by subject rather than Scripture passage.