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Rebuilding the Foundations

I have been working on the "Rebuilding the Foundations" project since I first laid the groundwork for it with a teaching at a missions conference in 2017. I packed four intense foundational teachings into 45 minutes at the conference. Afterward, a missionary to China asked me if he could translate it to chinese.

That teaching has inspired a book, a ministry, and this web site. Rebuilding the real foundations of Christian life and theology is worth the rest of my life to me.

So on this page, you can:

  • Listen to the original teaching, see the slides, read the outline.
  • Download or read Rebuilding the Foundations in its current form (first edit done and the final chapter not written). The title page of the PDF will always tell where its at in completion. Please share the book! It's free!
  • Read articles that have been inspired by the original teaching.

The Original Rebuilding the Foundations Teaching

You can get that original 45-minute blitz teaching in several forms.

Rebuilding the Foundations: the Book

I believe that God has been grooming me to write Rebuilding the Foundations since I was born into his kingdom 38 years ago. It is a step-by-step model of Christianity beginning with the things that the Scripture actually calls foundational. You can read and download the PDF in first draft form on Dropbox. The link will automatically update with each new edit. Feel free to copy and share it. Please do not sell it. "Freely you have received; freely give."

Articles Inspired by Rebuilding the Foundations

These are articles I have written as I try to spread Rebuilding the Foundation's message. More of these articles will be listed now that I am just about done with the book.