Paul Pavao Books, Booklets, and Tracts.

I am always working on my next book. Sometimes I am working on three or four of my next books.

Decoding Nicea

I have one full-length book. In fact, it is over 400 pages. It is called Decoding Nicea, and you should read the reviews on Amazon.

The book used to be titled In the Beginning Was the Logos. It got more and better reviews. Apparently, I titled the book more correctly the second time because I have two very negative reviews from readers who prefer the mythical Dan Brown version of the Council of Nicea.

Apostles' Gospel

Very simple book. It was prompted years ago by reading the sermons of the apostles in the book of Acts and being stunned by what I found.

Only in the book of Acts can we read how the apostles preached the Gospel to the lost. In their letters, we read what they taught the church. We have built a gospel proclamation based on the letters, but wouldn't it be better to base our evangelism on the apostles' evangelism?

Apostles' Gospel is an outline of every Gospel proclamation in Acts.

How to Make a Church Fail

This booklet is short but full of content. It is my favorite writing, and I composed it in twenty minutes on a drive to work. It took only a couple hours for me to get the whole story down.

It is a "how we got from the life of the apostles' churches to the traditions of modern churches" book, but it is told from the devil's perspective. (Thank you, C.S. Lewis, for the idea.)

We must have packaged it wrong, though, because it never sold. I am sorely disappointed by this because, like I said, it is my favorite writing. It is off the market right now as we brainstorm a new cover and new pitch.

Grace and Teachings That Must Not Be Lost

These are the projects I am working on most diligently. This will most often be chapters of a book.

Ongoing Projects

These projects will be ongoing forever and never finished, but I felt the portions I have done were worth putting on the site as beneficial to someone.

  • The idea of a Bible with early Christian commentary was just too big a project. I have moved any early Christian commentary on Scripture to my Through the Bible project.
  • My Stories. I have a lot of stories from 30 years of walking with Jesus, rejecting the traditions of men, and trying to be deadly honest with the Scriptures.