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Paul Pavao writes on church history and teachings that circulated in the apostles churches. He has just published Grace, the first of the "Teachings That Must Not Be Lost" Series.

Okay, sorry for writing about myself in the 3rd person in the first paragraph. That's the paragraph that some search engines grab as a description before you get here, and "I" is meaningless until you do get here.

My most current project addresses the claim that the Pope—the bishop of the church in Rome—has been ordained by God as supreme authority and shepherd over the whole church (Catechism of the Catholic Church, par. 882). It has no working title yet, but it is about 40% complete.

My Books

Decoding Nicea

The Apostles' Gospel

Rome's Audacious Claim: Papal Primacy

I would love to give this book a catchy title like Papal Primacy: Rome's Hostile Takeover of Western Christianity, but we'll see. That may be too provocative, and it is not wholly accurate (though it is mostly accurate).

This book is presently being written (October, 2017). I have been working on it on and off for two years, but I have legitimate hope of completing it by the end of 2017 and releasing it in May of 2018.

On October 20, 2017, I finished the first draft of the chapter on Origen. It makes a great example of what the book covers, so you can read it for free. Because it is a first draft, you will get to see notes to myself which all begin with "zzz" so I can find them. For example, "zzz-ref" means that I know the reference, but I will go look it up later.


Grace in the first book in my "Teachings That Must Not Be Lost" series. Most of the books coming in this series are about subjects that used to be known and believed by all churches, but have been lost over the centuries. How I wish I could write faster!

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  • Grace is new, released August 1, 2016, and it doesn't have any reviews yet.

How To Make a Church Fail

How To Make a Church Fail is one of my favorite things I have every written. Unfortunately, we could never get it to sell. I guess the problem was the cover.

The entire booklet came to me on a 20-minute drive to the office. It took me a couple hours to type it out, but I basically whipped it out without pausing. It is short, but it is an accurate and well-documented story of how we got from the holiness and power of the apostolic churches to the lack of holiness and power we have today.

It is written from the devil's perspective, an idea I borrowed from C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters.

We are working on the cover and format of the book, but you can read the .pdf for free.

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