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Bible study: The Apostles' Gospel
February 01, 2020

The Gospel and the Kingdom of God

This is the third of a series of Bible studies from a discipleship booklet I made. The first was on the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the second was on the Gospel of the King.

Today, rather than considering statements about the Gospel, we will look directly at how the apostles preached the Gospel. Surely they knew best, and we should imitate them.

For this study, you need to know that the four Gospels are about Jesus's life, before he ascended to heaven. The book of Acts is about the time the apostles spread the news about Jesus. The letters that come after the book of Acts are written to churches. The people who received those letters were already Christians. As a result, the book of Acts is the only place we can learn how the apostles preached the Gospel to non-Christians.

1. Read the following verses:

Acts 1:22Acts 2:32Acts 3:15Acts 4:33Acts 5:30-32

The main job of the apostles was to be witnesses of what?

2. Read the following verses:

Acts 2:22-41Acts 17:30-31Romans 1:1-5

Why were the apostles testifying about the resurrection?What did the resurrection prove? (Use Acts 2:36 and 17:31 especially.)

3. Read Romans 10:9-10, and this study is over.

In the booklet I have assignments for the next week. This week's assignment, should you choose to accept it, is:

1. Pick 1 to 5 people with whom you tell about what you learned in this lesson.

2. Read Matthew chapters 15-21.

3. Read Psalm 7-9.

4. Read one chapter out of Proverbs.

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