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Bible Study 1, Our Plan of Study
May 07, 2019

The Apostles' Job/Mission

If you do not already know the names of the apostles, look them up in Mark 3:13-19. Many of these we do not hear much more about. Simon Peter and the brothers, James and John, pop up the most, along with Judas, who betrayed Jesus. Christians of the second century and later do tell us what happened to the ones that are not talked about in the Bible.

The twelve apostles that are in Mark 3 are not the only apostles. Paul came along later, and Barnabas his companion is called an apostle too (Acts 14:14). There were others as well, but "The Twelve" are the originals.

Judas betrayed Jesus to the Pharisees by leading them to a place where he could be arrested without the crowds seeing it. Afterward, he felt so guilty that he hung himself (Matt. 26 - 27:10).

This Bible study begins with the replacement of Judas.

Peter described the qualifications for being one of the twelve apostles in Acts 1:20-22. What are those qualifications? (It is a good idea to actually jot down the answers to the questions for the sake of memory.)

Peter also gave a purpose for replacing Judas. What would the replacement be doing as the twelfth apostles?

The rest of Acts tells about the apostles fulfilling the purpose that they were given. In this Bible study, we are only after the job the apostles were assigned. Here are some verses that show us the apostles carrying out their job.

Acts 2:32
Acts 3:15
Acts 4:10
Acts 4:33
Acts 5:30-32
Acts 10:39-42
Acts 13:30-31
Acts 17:31

The resurrection was proof that Jesus was who he said he was and who the apostles said he was. In the next Bible study we will talk about what they were claiming.

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