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Greatest Stories Ever Told Books and Authors are now on Rebuilding The Foundations!

Rebuilding the Foundations

My name is Paul Pavao. I am an elder in a Christian community called Rose Creek Village. Here is what this web site offers and why.

Decoding Nicea unravels the rumors and tells the true story of the Council of Nicaea. November 1, Rome's Audacious Claim will unravel the mystery of Papal Primacy and explain its true origins.

Foundational Teaching Based Solidly in Scripture

A lot of people claim this, but it is obvious how much of their teaching is simply Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox tradition. Hopefully, you came here through a recommendation from someone or because of other things I have written. Thus, you know the honesty, submission to God, and scholarship that has gone into my teaching and the fruit that has come out of it.

If you came here other than by recommendation, I hope you will give me audience long enough to taste the uniqueness of this site.

The teachings on this site are:

  • ... based in a desire to help produce holy, spiritual, obedient, loving followers of God (cf. 1 Tim. 1:5).
  • ... diligently compared to the writings of the earliest churches. (There are hundreds of pages of writings from the first couple centuries after the apostles, before the church joined forces with the government.)
  • ... exposed to the critique and advice of any respectable source I can expose these teachings to.
  • ... founded in 36 years of following Jesus, submitting to godly church leaders, and "testing all things, holding fast to what is good" (1 Thess. 5:21).
  • ... approved by the Christian community of which I am a part and supported by missionaries and pastors around the world.

The things you learn on this site will not produce dozens of difficult verses that have to be explained away. In fact, you will almost never have to deal with explaining verses away again. You will not need to refute verses; you will be able to believe them.

Whether you need a relationship with God, power to obey him, or simply clarification in the midst of all the confusion and compromise that is modern Christianity, you can find it here.

Where to Begin

My Books

My magnum opus, so far, is Decoding Nicea. It's the true story—written as a story—of the Council of Nicea. We made it an audiobook in 2016.

Despite the fact that I'm proud of how Decoding Nicea turned out, I consider the much shorter booklets Apostles' Gospel and Grace to be more significant. These booklets are very simple, very straightforward, and plainly scriptural.

I did not write, but my company published Forgotten Gospel by Matthew Bryan, a careful, scriptural explanation of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We also published The Promise by Megan Rebekah Cupit and Emily Person, a brilliantly retold story of the birth of Jesus from Mary's perspective. These two young ladies give remarkable insight into Mary's probable experience as a single and pregnant teenager in first-century Israel. This story makes me cry every time I read it.

Finally, on another subject, we also published Slavery During the Revolutionary War by Esther Pavao, which was the result of a web site research project several of us were doing together.

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